Learn the basics of R with this set of tutorials!


This is an ordered set of introductory tutorials to guide you on your first steps learning R.
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Learn what R programming language is, how to install R and RStudio know the R operators and data types, load and save data, set up the workspace, review the history command and install new packages with additional functions. With this module you will learn all the basics to start your Data Science career.

Data structures

In this module we review in detail the data structures that exist in the R programming language: vectors, factors, lists, matrices and data frames.

A crucial step when working with data is convert the raw format into an appropriate format to work with. You will learn how to categorize, order, subset and split your data.

Learn how to write your own functions, for and while loops, the if command and the basics of vectorization with the apply family functions.

When dealing with datasets you will need to know how to import and read different types of databases. In this lessons, you will learn how to import the most common files, deal with missing values and export the data in the format you prefer.

Learn the basics of plotting in R programming. Create bar plots, histograms, density plots, scatter plots, box plots, ... , configure the layout with graphical parameters and export plots for using them in documents.

Introduction to R

Developed by experts

The contents were developed by collaborators of a statistical university reseach group with wide experience developing computational advances in the field

Introduction to R

Learn step by step

The tutorials are grouped into categories that cover in depth all the basic needs for someone starting learning R programming language. Learn at your own pace

Introduction to R

Learn R from zero

The R basics course has been developed for beginners with no or little knowledge of programming. If you already know the basics of R you can check for more content in the tutorials page

What will I learn in this R language course?

This course is a set of tutorials sorted by category in which you will learn all the basics (and some more advanced content) to handle the R programming language. Each tutorial covers a specific theme in depth. This FREE ONLINE R COURSE will lay the groundwork for becoming a Data Analyst or Data Scientist. The explanation of the contents are listed above in case you need more details of each lesson.

Who can take this R programming basics course?

The online R course is designed for everyone who wants to start learning R programming language. However, even not needed, it would be great if you have prior knowledge or you know the basic concepts of programming.

How to learn more after finishing the online R basics course?

Once you finish, we have more advanced tutorials waiting for you. In our R tutorials section you will find more tutorials among those of the free R course. New contents, developed by experts in computational statistics, are added and updated frequently.

This is the BEST WAY to START LEARNING R PROGRAMMING and it is completely FREE! Do not hesitate more and START NOW!